Wheat farm

The wheat farm is a unit which produces Wheat.

To unlock the wheat farm you need to have 5,000 XP and an Engineering level of 0.

To buy one wheat farm you have to buy the following goods/infrastructure:

Machines 750
Pumps 30
Pipes 1,600

Besides that, it's infrastructure costs are €15,000. The fixed costs for this unit are €0,- per hour, and it's employee costs are €6,- per hour. This is a total of €6,- per unit per hour.

The production of one unit is shown below:

Input Output
Energy 180 CBM Wheat 20,400 CBM
Water 2,400 CBM
Fertilizer 2,000 CBM
Wheat 900 CBM
Total 5,480 CBM Total 20,400 CBM