Wastewater is a product in the Waste category. It's prices vary between -0.57 and -0.42 per CBM.

Wastewater is produced by the following units:

Name Amount
Iron mine 900 CBM
Copper mine 800 CBM
Silica mine 1,200 CBM
Bauxite mine 750 CBM
Coal mine 300 CBM
Uranium mine 400 CBM
Uranium mill 2,100 CBM
Electric steel mill 600 CBM
Aluminium smelter 450 CBM
Petrol power plant 2,400 CBM
Coal power plant 1,050 CBM
Nuclear power plant 450 CBM
Waste plant 450 CBM
Oil refinery 600 CBM

Wastewater is used by the following units:

Name Amount
Sewage treatment plant 4,000 CBM

Wastewater is not required when installing any sector.