What are rankings? Edit

The rankings is a list where you can see all the active members ordened from best to worst. The lower your rank is, the better you are. The list is being sorted by the value of the total assets of a user's company. The person with the largest company will have rank 1.

Calculation Edit

Your rank is calculated by adding up your company's net-worth (Cash + Inventory Worth + Units Worth + Warehouses Worth - Loan Balance + Price of Bonds). 

You can increase your net-worth (and thus your rank) by producing goods or by buying bonds.

The rankings are being updated every 15 minutes. So the information being displayed might be outdated.

Hall of Fame Edit

The hall of fame is the archive containing all the top players of previous rounds.

The information displayed is the result at the end of a previous round thus not being linked with the current position of the user.

You can get into the hall of fame by ending in the top 100 in the current round.

Badges and Bonusses Edit

Whenever a round ends and you are part of the top 50 you will end up in the permanent Hall of Fame. However there is an added bonus for the top 25 players.

By ending in top 10 rankings by the end of the round. Top 10 will be rewarded with game coins.