Chemicals ( are a product in the Chemicals category. Its prices vary between 4.04 and 5.46 per CBM.

Chemicals are produced by the following units:

Name Amount
Chemical plant 1,800 CBM

Chemicals are used by the following units:

Name Amount
Ornament factory 30 CBM
Sewage treatment plant 480 CBM
Uranium mill 27,000 CBM
Aluminium smelter 450 CBM
Screws factory 120 CBM
Petrol power plant 210 CBM
Coal power plant 180 CBM
Rubber plant 120 CBM
Petrochemistry 180 CBM
Fertilizer facility 750 CBM
Pumps assembly 90 CBM
Furnaces assembly 90 CBM
Semiconductor fab 105 CBM

Chemicals are not required when installing any sector.