What are bonds Edit

Bonds are like a reversed loan - instead of you paying interests to the bank, the banks pays them off to you.

These interests the bank has to give you are paid around midnight. Thus giving an excellent buffer to catch the taxes you have to pay.

Types of bonds Edit

Bonds can be classified in 3 categories:

  • Short-term (5 days) - 0 daily interest, 11 800 nominal value (payout) and 600 daily interest, 9 000 nom. value.
  • Medium-term (10 days) - 0 interest, 14 000 nom. value and 600 interest, 9 000 nom. value.
  • Long-term (until restart of the round) - 1 000 interest and 10 000 nominal value.

All bonds cost 10 000 euros to issue.

Effect on your ranking Edit

The nominal value of the bond gets counted towards your ranking immediately so buying bonds might cause jumps in your ranking short term.